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North London Collegiate School Jeju

Boarder students enjoyed the Boarding Symposium 2017


On Saturday, March, 11th, boarding students took part in a range of activities as part of the Boarding Symposium.  These were intended to give boarders a broader range of experiences and to develop some of the 'softer' skills that will benefit them beyond school and university.
Year 12 students had the opportunity to develop their leadership and communication skills by leading and supervising each of the individual activities.  Whilst staff were present to oversee and assist, the Year 12 students were responsible for setting up and giving instructions, running the event and deciding on the eventual winners. Students in Years 7-11 were focused on teamwork, careers, life skills and/or communication.  The Year 7s and 8s concentrated on teambuilding activities- such as the bucket challenge, balloon rocket races and 'block recreate'. Those in Year 9 took part in a trading game to increase awareness of global issues.  Year 10 students did a construction challenge but were also be encouraged to develop some practical ‘life’ skills, including ironing and sewing.  The Year 11s were with the university guidance team and were provided an introduction to universities as well as assistance with writing resumes.  


Students in all year groups engaged very well and the Symposium was a great success.

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