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North London Collegiate School Jeju


A Home away from Home

NLCS Jeju is a boarding school and we are proud that our students come to see us as a home away from home. Almost 500 boarding students, from years 7 to 13, enjoy the unique benefits of living in this learning environment. Boarding can often provide children with a broader range of experiences. They are able to interact with a wide range of boys and girls from a variety of backgrounds and of different nationalities. This encourages young people to learn to coexist and to get along with others, to be accepting of their differences and proud of their own backgrounds. Boarding teaches them a great deal about themselves as well as their peers. They learn to problem solve, to be more independent and, importantly, to take responsibility for themselves. This does not happen overnight but is a process. Boarding provides the framework for this to happen by offering a caring, structured environment to foster each child in an academic, emotional, physical and moral sense.

A typical week

At NLCS Jeju every week is completely different. There are so many opportunities for students to test themselves both academically, in lessons, and personally through our unmatched co-curricular programme.

We hope to ensure that students are confident and comfortable enough to take advantage of these opportunities by providing a structured routine. Here you can get an idea of what a typical week at NLCS Jeju is like.

Morning routine

During the week, wake-up for boarders is at 7am. Matron and the House staff will ensure that all students are up on time but it is also expected that borders will quickly develop the self motivation to organise their own time. Breakfast is served at 7:30 and then there is a House briefing at 8am followed by a meeting with Tutors at 8:15.

Tutor time

It is at this point that day students will join us and all students in the school have the opportunity to meet with their Tutor and discuss any pressing issues or concerns. On a Tuesday and Thursday this Tutor time is extended for 25 minutes, creating two periods of quality time for tutors and tutees. It is at this time that tutors may discuss any academic concerns as well as commend students for having done particularly well. Tutors discuss upcoming deadlines and events as well as having more general pastoral conversations that will feed into the PSHCE programme.


On a Monday, Wednesday and a Friday at 8:20 there are assemblies. Monday is whole school assembly where the whole school gathers in the auditorium to listen to an address by one of the Senior Team or the Big Six. Wednesdays sees the school break down into year groups for student led assemblies, tailored to the specific needs of particular year groups. Fridays are House assemblies.


At 08:40, lessons begin. Lessons are 40 minutes long with 4 in the morning followed by a short break of 20 minutes and then another 2 before lunch. The afternoon sees another 2 lessons and a third for Sixth Form students. The school day finishes at 3:30pm and at 4:10pm for Sixth Form students.

After school

At 3:30pm the whole school registers in House and prepares for activities or private study. All students in the school must either be privately studying in the library or involved in the co curricular programme. Dinner is served between 5:45 and 6:45. All day students must leave by 6pm. At 7:15 boarders will meet for a briefing in House and then study time will begin until 10pm (with an earlier finish for younger age groups). There are evening snacks available for all students. Lights out is determined by the age of the students but the whole House is in darkness by 11pm.


Weekends are a hive of activity. The Bryant programme operates on a Saturday morning, alongside numerous sports fixtures. Saturday afternoons have a thriving Arts programme, as well as many other opportunities for trips, rehearsals, sports practices, swimming and leisure activities on site. Saturday evenings will usually consist of organised events in House or possibly social events arranged on the site. Sunday mornings provide a more leisurely start with brunch served in the school canteen. We offer two church services for those who wish to attend, a Presbyterian service on site and access to an off-site Catholic service. Parents can insist their child attends church if they are Year 9 and below. Sunday afternoons incorporate an hour of reading, as well as Homework time and relaxation, ready for the start of another busy week.

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