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North London Collegiate School Jeju

Parent Representative Group

The parent representative group (PRG) is an independent, voluntary organisation which was formed to facilitate communication between school and parents for the development of NLCS Jeju.

The PRG is completely independent of the school and is coordinated and managed by the parents themselves. 

The school places great value on its relationship with the PRG and recognises the positive contribution that it makes to our school community.  As such, we engage in regular communication with the PRG and we facilitate the circulation of communication from the PRG to our whole parent body.

If parents wish to know more about the PRG they should contact

Each year the PRG elects an executive committee based on PRG regulations to oversee the operation of the PRG and its current members are consisted of year group representatives:

  • Chair: Soyeon Lee (Year 10)
  • Vice Chair: Soyon Kim (Year 11)
  • Year 13: Representative: Byoung Eun Choi / Vice Representative: Eunjeong Jeong
  • Year12: Representative (Secretary): Jung Hee Han / Vice Representative: Hyun Jeong Koh
  • Yea 11: Representative: Soyon Kim / Vice Representative: Mi Seon Shin
  • Year 10: Representative: Yun Jeong Min / Vice Representative: Yun Jin Lee
  • Year 9:  Representative: Soo-Hyun Hong / Vice Representative: Ji Hyun Ha
  • Year 8: Representative: Soo Kyung Kim / Vice Representative: Duk Ja Chung
  • Year 7: Representative: Jeongmin Yoon / Vice Representative: Jeeyoun Moon
  • Junior School Representative: Youjin Lee / Vice Representative: Jae You Cho / Secretary: Boyoung Kim
  • Chinese Parent Representative: Linda Zhang

JDC, one of our schools' partners, offers one of its seats on the school's Governing Body to a member of the PRG committee each year.

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