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North London Collegiate School Jeju

Safeguarding Policy

There can be no issue of greater importance to staff and parents of NLCS Jeju, than the safety and care of our students and "safeguarding' represents all of those things that we do as a school to protect our students from harm.

We are fortunate that our school is located in an exceptionally peaceful and safe place, but we must not allow ourselves to become complacent and it is important that, for example, the safe surroundings of our school do not result in us becoming relaxed over site security matters. Our aim, in all safeguarding matters, is to provide exceptional service - and that means that our procedures must be viewed by us all as essential and part of the fabric of who we are, rather than as burdensome systems that irritate and annoy us. If we are to be exceptional in how we safeguard our students, then each member of our community needs to accept a responsibility to be vigilant, and to keep a keen eye on the safety and welfare of our youngsters, especially those most vulnerable.

The Safeguarding Policy includes the school’s Child Protection Policy in full and reference to all other policies and procedures that relate to safeguarding. In total, this policy together with elements of other school policies, constitute the School’s Safeguarding Framework.

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