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North London Collegiate School Jeju

North Korean Children


The Amnesty International Society hosted an excellent talk in the library on April 17th as Jana Kovar from the Love North Korean Children Charity ( visited the school to talk about their work in supporting underprivileged and impoverished children north of the border, particularly in the Najin-Sonbong area.  Many North Korean children suffer from malnutrition and the charity supports the running of a number of orphanages and bakeries that provide bread as a staple food source for these children.  This, in effect, develops a sense of self-help as the bread is not imported but baked by the local people themselves.  Jana also talked about her own impressions of North Korea, drawn from her visits there, as well explaining about the different types of aid that the country gets through such programmes as the World Food Programme.  It provided an interesting and thought-provoking insight into the country and the struggles many of its citizens face.  My thanks to Cion Choi and the Amnesty Society for organising the event.  

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