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North London Collegiate School Jeju

Discovering London during the Spring Break


During the spring term break, 49 students and 7 teachers from NLCS Jeju traveled to London, England for a culture and tourism trip.  The trip lasted nine days and was full of exciting tours, attractions and events.  Our students were fortunate to visit such famous English landmarks as Tower Bridge, The Tower of London, Oxford, Buckingham Palace and even Harry Potter World.

Trips like this are so important because they give our students an opportunity to see what life is like in a western country.  Many of our students are hoping to attend universities in a western setting, and our chaperones found that our students learned many valuable lessons about their use of English, public manners and cultural norms in England, even though they were only there for a short period of time.

As always, our students were very well-behaved and participated well at every site they visited.  The chaperones noted a great sense of humour and consistent use of English among the students - two very important skills to have in London!
Cheers to our students and congratulations to them on a fantastic trip!

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