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North London Collegiate School Jeju

FONJ’s Christmas Bazaar, a successful event


On December 13th, the hall in the Performance of Arts Center became a small Christmas market, full of stalls and visitors. It was the Christmas Bazaar, the first event organized by Friends of NLCS Jeju (FONJ), the new parent-teacher body of our school. “I would like to share my happiness with everybody who participated in the success of this bazaar. The event became a social party for NLCS Jeju as a family and we were able to raise 7,004,000 won”, said Jung Hwa Kang, Chair of FONJ.

There were 12 stalls selling all kind of products: local food, makeup, handcrafts and second hand uniforms, among others. “The purpose of the bazaar was to raise funds for the school and its development, and also to introduce the FONJ to the community.  The same day of the bazaar, there were parents in school to enjoy a Junior School production and the Senior School Christmas Concert.  There were also parents of January entrant students in school.  Therefore, the bazaar provided a chance for many people to get to know each other.  Many staff, students and parents enjoyed the event and next year we will consider making it bigger.  We are grateful to the FONJ for their efforts that were required to establish this event”, commented Toby Waterson, Vice Principal of NLCS Jeju.

Mrs. Kang was very pleased with the outcome of this first bazaar and wanted to thank everybody who helped with the organization, “the members of FONJ showed their commitment to this event. They volunteered their time and effort, for example, to wash and to arrange the second hand clothes. Without their support, the bazaar would not have been as successful as it was”.

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